Monthly Archives: April 2013

Where does it start? Food Addiction


Where does it start…? Where does what start you may ask? Where does the addiction to food start. The comfort you feel from food…that’s what I want to explore, for me anyway, where mine started. I was born into a poor family who struggled to feed their family of five. Dad didn’t like to work [...]

Where does it start? Food Addiction2013-04-13T09:17:50+10:00

Home Indoor Circuit


Poor weather stopping you from getting your exercise in? I think not, check this little routine out i put together that you can do inside with stuff from around the house. Clear an area in the house You will need: Skipping rope OR pretend you have one in your hands Mat or carpet for push [...]

Home Indoor Circuit2013-04-12T08:42:21+10:00
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