Monthly Archives: July 2015

Take The First Step


  Little did i know almost 13years ago what taking that first step meant for me. My life had i not of taken that first step? Possible obesity related disease, self loathing and general day to day things could be almost impossible. Like tying a shoelace, bending down to pick something up, kicking the ball [...]

Take The First Step2015-07-28T16:02:11+10:00

The special parts of my job as a PT


On a daily basis my job entails close contact with clients. We form a special bond over time and they trust my knowledge of them and their capabilites. This is something i never take for granted. They are trusting in me to guide and push them to do things they may think are hard or [...]

The special parts of my job as a PT2015-07-28T12:36:07+10:00



Do you often think "I just don't know where to start?" Or "how am i ever going to get fit, i'm too big, too unfit, too busy?" Let me tell you that we all have to start somewhere and if not now when? Now is your time. Small daily movement is all it takes. Baby [...]

YOU CAN2015-07-28T12:28:55+10:00
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