Monthly Archives: April 2018

My whole life was consumed with…


  Ive been doing a tonne of reflecting these past 4 months. Reflecting on the past, how I have evolved and where I am right now. Boy, life has really sent me on a big adventure. You see if you had of asked me 20yrs ago where I wanted to be when I was 45 [...]

My whole life was consumed with…2019-02-27T10:12:28+10:00

The Power of Breath..


        My first experience with the power of breath was when i was in labour with my second child. I was so determined that this labour would be very different to my first. I did a little bit of research and reading on how to use breath and how it can help [...]

The Power of Breath..2018-05-24T12:09:58+10:00

Anxiety and sleep deprivation is ruining my ability to function


You may have felt it before, that twinge of a tummy flip that sends you into a spiral of "not" Not good enough Not worthy enough Not healthy enough Not doing enough and the list goes on..... Anxiety and all it brings can be debilitating and crippling for many. I've seen it in my clients [...]

Anxiety and sleep deprivation is ruining my ability to function2018-08-17T12:50:09+10:00



    Do you move? Do you mindfully move? Or are you unsure of what to do but know you can't jump around? If you are sound in body but exercise makes you think of crazy burpee jumping people and you could not possibly do that, i want you to stop and take a rethink [...]

MOVEMENT THAT MATTERS2019-02-27T10:15:27+10:00
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