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Your New Normal, yes it can be achieved


"This stupid body just won't conform" I love seeing the faces of women who for the first time start to develop some sense of belief in their bodies and abilities again. Mostly the women who seek me out have lost their sense of trust in their body, confidence and self belief. They simply do not [...]

Your New Normal, yes it can be achieved2018-06-26T14:32:39+10:00



**WHY I DON'T SHARE CLIENT BEFORE & AFTER PICTURES** I will be the first to admit that when I started as a coach I thought that weight loss was the first and foremost important goal for women. Boy, how wrong could I have been. You see, in my experience weight loss was the ONLY thing [...]

WHY I DON’T SHARE BEFORE & AFTER PICTURES2018-08-17T12:47:15+10:00

A very personal story to my new normal


MY NEW NORMAL Why I have had to change the way I view and action movement. Sometimes you get some news that really kicks you to the curb and you start to look at everything in your life differently. Ever had that happen? About 6months ago I received a diagnosis that I was ready for. [...]

A very personal story to my new normal2018-06-26T14:33:26+10:00
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