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About being PRESENT


I attended a Mental Health First Aid refresher course recently and we were talking about the practice of mindfulness. I am a huge believer and I practice mindfulness most days. Some might think it is all cosmo quackery nevertheless I persist with it in my own life as well as educating clients about the long [...]

About being PRESENT2019-05-06T15:48:03+10:00

The past 5 years – warning- mental health discussion


Hello, I have wanted to do this post for some time however I know that many people in life have some really brutal and tough times so what stopped me writing this was the thought that my situation wasn't warranted.That it was not all that bad and others have it far worse scenario.But then I [...]

The past 5 years – warning- mental health discussion2019-05-06T15:25:11+10:00
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