Inside the mind of a PT

Recently I have been told I am an adventure seeker, a go-getter and crazy enough to try anything. Fair assessment I guess from an outsider looking in. With the exception of bungy jumping or jumping out of a perfectly good aeroplane I like to think I would give anything a go. But let me tell you a little secret, I wasn’t always like this.

As a child I loved horses, I rode fast, I jumped and was very good at it. I had no fear. As I hit puberty a lot changed for me and due to family problems I became shy, extremely shy often hiding away in my room for hours on end. Food was my comfort, the weight piled on and if you have read my weight loss story, you know the rest.  If you haven’t you can find it here:

As an adult in my 20s and 30s I was still painfully shy and was fearful of anything new. I would often find myself sitting on the sidelines and watching rather than joining in. Sometimes I would push myself into stepping out of my comfort zone and doing something different and often it would end in tears.

What changed you ask?

Belief, confidence and a change in mentality.  I entered my first fun walk/run, which showed me I actually could do it. I walked nearly all of it and finished so sore, completely drained of energy but also felt alive and so full of confidence at the same time. Slowly but surely I started to believe in myself for the first time since I was that young girl on a horse. Those dreams I had all came flooding back and I found a fire in my belly that had never gone out!

Of course I had the love and support of my husband who backed me all the way probably believing in me more than I did! I entered other fun runs and felt like a complete rock star crossing that finish line. It was a massive buzz and I wanted more of it. Self-confidence was starting to grow and it continues to grow everyday with every goal I set and then achieve. Yes I have setbacks, injuries have stopped me from running and doing any high impact exercise now but does that stop me from setting new attainable goals? Hell NO! Right now I can list 10 different physical challenges I want to achieve this year.

My point?
DO NOT be afraid to try something new.
DO believe you can do it and you will.
DO write down the things you want to achieve then take action to make them happen!
DO NOT sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else. Get out there, live and breathe it!
DO surround yourself with people who support you and your goals.
Just because you are a grandmother/father, mum or dad or you think “I am too old now” does not mean you cannot jump on in and give something you have wanted to do a go!

What is there to lose?

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