This is ME, raw and honest


Inside the mind of a PT This is me, all 67kg of me. I took these pictures to let you know I too have body image issues. What do I see in those pictures? I see a tummy that isn't flat, I see arms that are not toned enough, I see quads that are too [...]

This is ME, raw and honest2014-10-28T20:09:35+10:00

An Adventurous PT


Inside the mind of a PT Recently I have been told I am an adventure seeker, a go-getter and crazy enough to try anything. Fair assessment I guess from an outsider looking in. With the exception of bungy jumping or jumping out of a perfectly good aeroplane I like to think I would give anything [...]

An Adventurous PT2014-03-20T19:38:10+10:00

Fitter, Faster, Stronger Pfft


Inside the mind of a Personal Trainer Of late I have been having epiphanies about life, love, friendship and health and what it all means to me. Maybe its because I’m 41years young and its time for some more life lessons. Or maybe its because I’m growing older and wiser as the saying goes? Ha! [...]

Fitter, Faster, Stronger Pfft2014-03-04T19:35:58+10:00
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