About being PRESENT


I attended a Mental Health First Aid refresher course recently and we were talking about the practice of mindfulness. I am a huge believer and I practice mindfulness most days. Some might think it is all cosmo quackery nevertheless I persist with it in my own life as well as educating clients about the long [...]

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The past 5 years – warning- mental health discussion


Hello, I have wanted to do this post for some time however I know that many people in life have some really brutal and tough times so what stopped me writing this was the thought that my situation wasn't warranted.That it was not all that bad and others have it far worse scenario.But then I [...]

The past 5 years – warning- mental health discussion2019-05-06T15:25:11+10:00

Why I gave up


It's almost the end of January and I was a little late to do my usual intention setting for the coming year due to my overseas holiday. As I sat and reflected and really got honest with myself all of the below came pouring out. You know how you sometimes just don't want to face [...]

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My Story; How it all began


16yr ago I decided that I was going to make movement a part of my everyday life. There was no expectation at the start. I just knew I wanted to move a little everyday. I started by walking around and around our house once a day for 30min. My body hurt for the first few [...]

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Why we are always learning on this path of acceptance


This is me out of gym wear and in a dress. I really wanted to wear a dress on Saturday. I wanted to feel girlie. What you don’t see is the behind the scenes of me actually putting this dress on then going out in public. So let me tell you a story that I [...]

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Ditch the 3 C’s Calorie Controlled Crap!


**6 BASIC HOW TO'S, TO DITCH THE "3C’s CALORIE-CONTROLLED- CRAP"** Are you sick of counting every single morsel of food you put in your mouth? Would you like to let go of restriction and live a life of less anxiety, stress and “oh sh!t I’ve eaten too much again?” Would you like to stop worrying [...]

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Intentions It's a funny word. I know we all go through life with intention to DO and if you are like me you write lists for what you intend to achieve for the day/week/month. But what about intentions to BE? Ok, you are probably thinking man, she has lost the plot now, really she has! However, just hear me out [...]


Jo’s Journey so far


My client Jo and how I have helped her be able to get back to doing the normal day to day of life. Rachelle, I initially was recommended by two separate sources that advised that I should visit you.  I finally listened and was ready to move forward and try and improve my health and [...]

Jo’s Journey so far2018-06-26T14:48:53+10:00

Movement that Matters again..


MOVEMENT THAT MATTERS Movement, it can be incorporated ANYWHERE. It can be FUN and FREE-ING It can be MOTIVATING and INSPIRING It does absolute wonders for your MIND, BODY, LIFE Are you moving? I offer you to think about your fitness/health regime from a different perspective. What will you GAIN if you start? Here are [...]

Movement that Matters again..2019-02-27T10:06:59+10:00
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