In January i set my goals for the year.

I do it every year only this Jan was different.

I wrote one single word. Little did i know this word would have ginormous meaning behind it and so it began.

2016 wasn’t a pleasant year for me personally. There were relationship breakdowns that took me down a big dark hole and i found myself in a psychologists office for the first time late last yr. It was my sister who slapped me into going to see one. My initial reaction was WTF? I don’t need to see a psychologist! I was so wrong. So much ( for want of a better word,) shit came pouring out of me after about 4 sessions i didn’t know where it came from… I had suffered severe trauma as a child (that i kept hidden and tucked away) and this relationship breakdown in 2016 triggered an array of different emotions indirectly related to my childhood trauma. Who would of thought?
And i soldiered on. I grew, i changed and i am still learning. So much has happened in 2017. My business has taken a different direction, i took chances, i let myself stand out from the crowd, i pushed myself to do things that were not comfortable.

I saw my 18 yr old son find his independence. I saw my 12yr old daughter start to change into a young lady. We have had a trillion ups and downs this year, a trillion learnings, some scary times and some joyous times. It has been challenging, frustrating, annoying, rewarding and intimidating. I have read countless self development books, studied my ass off, gained knowledge and sacrificed alot.

Out of all of that i have changed, i have grown. I am not the same, i am different. Stronger, larger, bold and courageous.
My word at the start of this year? Courage…. and i am still finding my feet with it all. Ive already got my word for next year too but that will wait for another time x

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