Saturday was the first day I found complete stillness in a long while.

I allowed the stillness to wash over me which was uncomfortable and scary yet my body and brain were screaming for it.
I had been doing meditation every other day but I just couldn’t switch off.
I had been doing exercise and it would offer temporary relief from my anxious and wired brain but the fog would soon return.
As I lay on my bed looking out the window at the sky, the way the garden moved with the wind, I fell into the stillness of nothing for a few glorious moments.
And what I thought was going to be a really scary and uncomfortable place only bought me peace and a gentle nurturing of self.
It happened quite by accident, I wasn’t trying to force anything.
I wasn’t doing.
If you are a doer like me and the way you cope with stressful situations is to plough through them, take a moment, if you can to find that stillness, to find your slice of peace.
Doers are needed, yes, and they also need to nurture self to be better equipped to continue to nurture and serve others.
Find your stillness doers, it’s not as scary as you might think to stop for a moment. Nothing much will change in that moment of time that you can control apart from what you will receive from doing nothing.


About the Author:

Rachelle is the founder of MEE Active and helps people step off the sidelines of life and into movement that matters.

A certified Female Health and Performance coach as well as movement and rehabilitation specialist she enjoys teaching people about the connection between their mind and body.

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