I have always been into sports, being outdoors and anything active. When I was a child I did swimming, as most kids do when they grow up on the coast. When I was about 12 I realised I was not the greatest swimmer and that’s when I started netball which I played till I finished school. I also loved running, hiking and doing classes at the gym with my mum.

When I was 21, I left home and moved up to north Brisbane for work at the zoo up that way. First time living out of home and not knowing to many people, I got stuck into my work and exercise. I joined the gym and was working out twice a day including weights, cardio and High intensity workouts, as well as working quite a physical job.

To me I knew the importance of exercise and staying fit, but did not realise that my diet also had an impact on my body. Working long hours, not having a lot of time and also on a very tight budget, my diet was terrible. I pretty much lived on bread, pasta and rice, which where the cheapest things with minimal vegetables, fruit and all the other good stuff. I also did not know that for the amount of exercise I was doing, I was not eating enough, but I was quite happy that I had lost another couple of kilos.

Unfortunately my body began to suffer and I started having health problems, but didn’t think anything of it. I saw a few doctors for tests and things and heard their thoughts and ideas but was still in denial. It wasn’t till a year or so later I started doing my own research and realised people out their that worry to much about themselves and don’t have they knowledge about balancing life and I decided I want to help them out.

Yes nutrition and being active is important, but that doesn’t mean I’m a health freak and don’t enjoy life as well, there are so many other important and great things out there. We should be worrying less about what other people think of us, and enjoy the here and now and whatever may come. You only live life once so we should be living it to our full potential with lots of fun along the way. Kim 13891960_630673480424867_3945132793055457744_n

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