Poor weather stopping you from getting your exercise in? I think not, check this little routine out i put together that you can do inside with stuff from around the house.
Clear an area in the house

You will need:
Skipping rope OR pretend you have one in your hands
Mat or carpet for push ups and plank
Chair for squats and dips

Spend one minute at each station, after you have finished all stations for one round rest for 1-2min. Repeat 3-4 times, resting after each round for 1-2 min.

Station 1- skip for one min
Station 2- squat, bottom out, tummy on, just touching bottom of chair and driving through the heels to come back up
Station 3- push ups for one min (try doing some on your toes then go back down to knees if need to)
Station 4- Jog on the spot as fast as you can for one minute, knees high
Station 5- Tricep dip using edge of chair, legs out in front
Station 6- Skip for one min
Station 7- Plank, hold for as long as you can, one min is the aim ( bottom down, think table top)

Enjoy! No excuses…..

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