Movement, it can be incorporated ANYWHERE.
It can be FUN and FREE-ING
It does absolute wonders for your MIND, BODY, LIFE

Are you moving?

I offer you to think about your fitness/health regime from a different perspective.

What will you GAIN if you start?

Here are some real time clients experiences:

“To be able to take the stairs at work easier and put my shoes and socks on better.”

“I have have less aches in my body since I started stretching/moving.”

“I have found my mental health has improved and I FEEL overall well and content.”

That is what transformation is about.

That is why it is worth being consistent and showing up for yourself.

Making weight/fat loss the PRIMARY reason for movement, in my opinion and my experience leads you down a massive rabbit hole of empty promises and regret.

What have you GAINED from adding movement into your life?

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Learn more about Rachelle and MEE ACTIVE
Rachelle is a Women’s Health and Performance Coach who helps women step off the sidelines of life into movement that matters. She takes one of a holistic approach to women’s health with a philosophy of body positivity.
Rachelle is a Body Positive Fitness Alliance Regional Director for Australia and believes everyone should have access to movement that is fun and freeing. She works closely with women who are nervous newbies to exercise or women with injuries and/or pelvic dysfunction integrate back into fitness their way, finding their new normal.

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