Fresh logo to go with our fresh new name!!


We are ramping up some serious awesomeness at the studio as we bring you our brand new logo and name MEE ACTIVE. I have been searching for a while now the right wording that reflects what the MEE brand is all about. As you know we are ever evolving and working on different aspects of the business to bring YOU our client the best of us!


Our clients are our business and therefore deserve everything we can give them. Constantly up skilling to bring you more motivation, education and empowerment to integrate into your everyday lives through the health and fitness realm.

We work hard to deliver everything we have to you and we are forever grateful that you put your faith and trust in us when it comes to looking after your health and fitness.

MEE ACTIVE embodies everything from the mind, body to life, encompassing mental health mindfulness, physical movement- strength and fitness as well as lifestyle and general life functionality. Put simply we help you feel fantastic about YOU! We look at the individual in front of us with love, care and diligence. From general physical fitness, to *injury/medical condition fitness, we can deliver SAFE, EFFECTIVE and FUN sessions so everyBODY is included.

I am a qualified Pelvic floor for fitness specialist and can train, strengthen and educate you on the pelvic floor. Whether you have not long had a baby or you are of mature age it is never too late to start. This is a complete passion of mine as I continue to study deeper on this subject. We need to bridge the gap between the healthcare system and women delivering educational and fun classes or private sessions on this subject.

Our core values are that all women regardless of abilities and levels of fitness are welcome to join us in a private and safe zone.


We have helped hundreds of women over the past 4 years work on their MIND-BODY-LIFE and as the director of MEE I am SO proud of our core values, ethics and standards. We are also greatly honoured to have been a part of each and everyone of these women’s lives.

We are moving into another chapter of MEE and I am so excited for our future as we reach further and further afield to the women who need us the most.


We hope you LOVE our new logo and name as much as we do! Leave a comment on what you think and if you are or have been a client let us know how we have helped or impacted your life.


Rachelle x


*Working alongside your allied health professional

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