On a daily basis my job entails close contact with clients. We form a special bond over time and they trust my knowledge of them and their capabilites. This is something i never take for granted. They are trusting in me to guide and push them to do things they may think are hard or unachievable. My favourite quote is “I will never ask you to do something you cannot or really don’t want to do” So far this year i have seen some of my girls lifting above their own body weight in deadlifts, lift and squat amazing weights as well as girls who have never been able to do a sit up before to doing 10 of them and then girls who are afraid of the pullup bar because its high but get on there and DO AN ASSISTED PULLUP! I have also seen my clients conquer their first ever fun run or go and do something that is out of their comfort zone but they go and do it!! These and many more things just like this are the special and amazing part of my job. Thankyou to all of you gorgeous people who make me smile everyday.10421106_469658253193058_4097553188243032697_n
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