I asked my friend the other day if everything was ok as i picked up she was not herself. She replied with she thought she had gained weight and felt crap about herself.. She decided to step on the scales only to find the scales had told her she was heavier.
Couple of points i would like to make here;
1. Why do we do that? why do we step on the scales to prove to ourselves we were right and that we are just downright utter failures then saying to ourselves; I KNEW IT! Disclaimer**(i do NOT believe anyone is a failure if they gain weight. I know alot of people do this as a form of self punishment/torture)
2. Our bodies are AMAZING machines who work hard for us every.single.day. no matter what we throw at them, they fight for us to keep us in a state of homeostasis (balanced).
3. The human body is fluid. Weight goes down, weight goes up. We are constantly changing. Many different factors are at play, hormones, hydration, sleep, stress, movement and food to name a few. We are not meant to stay the same weight. Just like the tides of the oceans we are always changing.

Some fun facts;
Did you know after a heavy cardio workout you can gain weight for a short period of time due to water fluctuations?
Did you know your weight can vary by up to 3kg in one day?
Did you know if you are dehyrated you can lose up to 3kg in one day?
Did you know if you have alot of alcohol in one day you can gain a few kgs for the next few days?
We are NOT meant to stay the same weight.
Embrace your body for how she is RIGHT now. You, my dear friend are a gorgeous human being who is so much more than a number on a scale. (yes, you reading this)

One last tip; If you determine your self worth or esteem by a number throw those soul destroying scales in the bin…… please. x

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