“This stupid body just won’t conform”
I love seeing the faces of women who for the first time start to develop some sense of belief in their bodies and abilities again.
Mostly the women who seek me out have lost their sense of trust in their body, confidence and self belief.
They simply do not trust in their own body and ability.
They will often use language like;
“This silly old body”
“It is breaking down all over the place”
“I have given up”
“Im getting old”
“Stupid body”
“Why wont it just work”
“Im too fat”
“The specialist said I can never lift anything more than 3kg again, how am I supposed to live my life with that sentence?”
This is where I come in and challenge them on their perceptions and thought processes.
I love to create WITH them, together, their NEW NORMAL
There is often a sense of relief and joy when we begin to challenge their body in a way that is unique to them and a sense of pride and accomplishment when they do something they never thought they could.
It is the little things that are so often the most significant wins;
Walking up the stairs with no knee pain
Ability to bend over and pick something up from the floor
Able to sneeze or cough without bladder or bowel incontinence
Able to garden again without depleting their energy, pain in joints and pelvic region
Able to do the groceries without assistance from their partner
Then comes the much bigger wins
Seeing and feeling muscle definition
Feeling much more energized
Doing a 5km walk with friends and actually enjoying it pain free
Lifting heavy furniture without fear of her pelvic organs falling out
Squatting deep without pain
Feeling tummy muscles developing
Deciding she is ready for a fun run or similar and then planning and training for it
Doing that event (such an achievement)
I have witnessed this all happen time and time again. These amazing women who are all high functioning in most aspects of their lives, they hold down careers, they are mums, carer’s, partners, friends but are often debilitated by injury or conditions and just do not know where to turn or what their future brings. I know it is difficult and scary to take the first step to something unknown and new. Change is scary and hard. I know all to well about it.  You can read about my journey here: https://meeactive.com.au/my-whole-life-was-consumed-with/
These women grow in confidence and start to trust their body again, believe they CAN and it transforms their life.
I will challenge you on your beliefs, I will work with you to break them down and together we will create your new normal.
A women who finally has body peace and confidence to step off the sidelines and lean into life.
Want to know more about how you can work with me 1:1 to create your new normal?
Check out my bespoke coaching program here
Learn more about Rachelle and MEE ACTIVE
Rachelle is a Women’s Health and Performance Coach who helps women step off the sidelines of life into movement that matters. She takes one of a holistic approach to women’s health with a philosophy of body positivity. She works closely with women who are nervous newbies to exercise or women with injuries and/or pelvic dysfunction integrate back into fitness their way, finding their new normal.
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