MEE ACTIVE aims to provide people with MOTIVATION, EDUCATION and EMPOWERMENT through leading a healthy lifestyle. We provide movement, fitness and wellness services specific to your individual GOALS to help you achieve the very best version of you!

  • Specialist in Women’s Movement, Lifestyle and Mindset

  • Affordable personalised training sessions

  • Recipes and support

  • Management of movement including post weight loss surgery, band, sleeve, bypass patients

  • Guidance and a supportive environment

  • A Private and Personal Studio as well as online coaching

  • A compassionate personal trainer who listens to you

  • Goal specific training plans

  • Private, semi private and group sessions available

  • Post pregnancy training

  • Fitness for Pelvic Floor qualified coach

If you are looking to improve your fitness and life, MEE ACTIVE is for you!

If you want to create the best version of YOU contact Rachelle below so we can start NOW!

Hi I am Rachelle and owner of MEE ACTIVE. I am glad you are here. So you can get to know me a little better this is some of my history, present and future.

From puberty onwards I always struggled with my weight, yo yo diets, fads, you name it I tried it. I never loved sport or exercise as a child and had a pretty unusual upbringing. Food was my friend and my enemy. I swirled out of control with disordered eating and self esteem issues for most of my young adult life.

These days my life is very different. My approach is one of body positivity, joy and movement. I believe that all bodies have the right to enjoy movement no matter where they are in life. Movement gives you so much, so much joy, self-esteem, confidence and positivity if it fits right with you. I enjoy moving my body with all sorts of different sports and will try anything once. I have an adventurous side and love to explore different ways to move. I love to lift heavy things and resistance train as well as getting on my bike and riding with the wind through my hair. Life and movement are to be enjoyed and to have fun with.

I am a fully qualified Certificate 4 Personal Trainer and group fitness trainer and received my qualifications through The Australian Institute of Personal Trainers. I have completed further studies with other key organisations to really hone my skills in areas i am passionate about.

My passion is to see women who have never formally exercised before start to grow in mind body and soul as they see how amazing their bodies are and just what they are capable of!

I also have a passion for Pelvic Floor for Fitness and run a very unique class, which specialises in the core and pelvic floor and educates clients on how we can use the core and pelvic floor in everyday life functionally. This class is a one of it’s kind and was developed by MEE ACTIVE.

I am exceptionally proud of the business and community I have built over the past 5 years. I have learnt a lot, met a lot of wonderful people and helped a lot of wonderful people. I feel this is exactly what I am meant to be doing with my life and feel very blessed that I can do what I love.

Some of the further study I have completed:

  • Core Foundations Pelvic Floor First Workshops
  • Proactive Programming for the Pelvic Floor
  • Anatomy & Physiology, pathophysiological processes
  • Chemistry and Bio Chemistry
  • Nutrition
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • The Accidental Counsellor
  • Food as medicine
  • Senior First Aid and CPR
  • Female Health and Performance Specialist Certification

My mantra for my life is this:

Your focus needs to be on your goals and desires, not your fears and worries. Have faith in your inner vision, stay true to your mission.

I hope to see you enjoying movement soon in one of our classes or private coaching.

Rachelle x

Member of Australian Fitness Network

Member of The Continence Foundation of Australia

Affiliated professional of Body Positive Fitness Alliance

Member of Health at Every Size Australia

Partnered with Active and Healthy Alliance

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