Are You Living Life On The Sideline?

Do you feel anxious about your health as a midlife woman?

Are you concerned about injuring yourself or have fears surrounding movement/exercise?

MEE Active creates a safe space for you to explore what is possible midlife and beyond, supporting you with this often confusing transition in life including hormones, peri-menopause & menopause. We help you understand your mind-body connection and break down lifestyle & mindset barriers in a practical, positive and simple way.

Our in person and online coaching will teach you the simple strategies you need to make these years and beyond the best years.

  • Rehabilitation Movement Programs
  • Focus on Core & Pelvic Floor Program
  • Modern Woman’s Guide to Midlife Program

Cindie’s Video Story

Jo’s Story

I initially was recommended by two separate sources that advised that I should visit Rachelle at MEE ACTIVE. I finally listened and was ready to move forward….

Caroline Story

The Body Acceptance Project was a real eye opener for me. The real Aha moment was the wording change to body acceptance from body love.

It’s Time For MEE

We are women who wear many hats, living busy lives and strive to do our best for our loved ones.

Quite often we put everyone else’s needs before our own and just don’t make the time to give back to ourselves.

Caring for yourself first so you can better care for your loved ones is something we at MEEACTIVE specialise in and create a space for you to do just that through our personalised movement, lifestyle and mindset programs.

No matter where you are in the world we can help you step off the sidelines and lean into life focussing on your individual needs and goals.