Monthly Archives: September 2017

Coach Ramblings for the week


What a week it has been. Every week is a different challenge, every week changes. People come and go from my "office". People dump and run, they cry, they vent, they share, they get frustrated, they get angry, they contemplate. This space, my "office" is a safe space. A space for sharing a part of [...]

Coach Ramblings for the week2017-09-25T03:56:36+10:00



13th September 2017 UPDATE EMAIL IS BACK UP AND RUNNING Our email is currently down on the website and we are working to fix this ASAP. If you have tried to contact us via the website and we have not answered please try again by contacting us through our Facebook page at We [...]

EMAIL IS NOT WORKING FROM WEBSITE2017-09-13T00:27:54+10:00

Why are we weighing ourselves?


I asked my friend the other day if everything was ok as i picked up she was not herself. She replied with she thought she had gained weight and felt crap about herself.. She decided to step on the scales only to find the scales had told her she was heavier. Couple of points i [...]

Why are we weighing ourselves?2017-09-04T05:34:41+10:00
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