“The essence of one life is empowering another life, and so your passion has to be linked to the liberation of other people’s happiness.” 
Israelmore Ayivor

MEEACTIVE offers Private Coaching for those seeking a more individualised approach either face-to-face or online from anywhere in the world. By application only.

  • Strength
  • Fitness
  • Training for a specific event
  • Pre or post pregnancy
  • Post-bariatric surgery
  • Specific medical conditions
  • Pelvic dysfunction
  • Mental Health Mindfulness
  • Lifestyle coaching

We specialise in working with women who may have not exercised in a while or are new to exercise, those who are looking for a open and body positive experience and wanting to change their lifestyle to incorporate movement into their lives.

Private Coaching is available face to face or ONLINE Please Contact us for information on our tailored packages.