Rachelle Before and After

Some of you have known i have been battling some injuires for quite a while now. After many rounds of seeing specialists, xrays, ultrasounds and some new orthodics i hope i am nearing the end of it. This Mother’s Day classic fun run coming up in May is my 10th year. I have been attending this race for 10years!! It was the first fun run i had ever entered when i felt i had lost enough weight to get out in public and compete. I was completely hooked with the roar of the crowd as you push your limits (back then it was a fast walk for me as i didn’t think or know i could run) to get over that finish line!! Since then i have done many fun runs and i absolutely enjoy each and everyone of them, i enjoy the challenge, i enjoy competing against myself and trying to beat my last years time. I enjoy participating with my clients and see their massive smiles at the finish line because i know exactly what they are feeling right at that moment. To be told i should never run again was soul crushing. It was like being shot in the heart and a little piece of me felt it had died. But with the help of my amazing Osteopath i am hoping to gently run/walk this year. I wont be making any PB’s but i will be competing with all the #meeptfitties¬† as well as my beautiful little family and i will let the roar of the crowd push me over that line, walking or running! Never ever give up on your hopes and dreams!


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