Nervous Newbies in conjunction with the Gold Coast Council Active and Healthy Program we are offering our first nervous newbies class for everyBODY who would like to get started with fitness. Come and join us in this awesome class where simplicity is key as we get you moving in a fun and friendly way!
ALL shapes, sizes, abilities and fitness levels are welcome!
$3 per person, 1 hour of FUN! Contact Rachelle 0403 163201 if you require further information! I look forward to seeing you there

Starting Tuesday July 11th 2017 9.30am Banksia Hall Hope Island. Follow us on facebook for more details


Would you like to learn how to effectively exercise without putting excess pressure on your pelvic floor? We will guide you through how to engage/disengage and strengthen your pelvic floor in a non invasive technique based class with of course some fun thrown in!
This class is designed for people who have had children, have had a hysterectomy or have a prolapse or simply want to learn more about gaining functionality in everyday life. $15 per class/packages avail for multiple classes.
Contact Rachelle 0403 163201 for more information!

Starting July 13th 2017 9.30am Banksia Hall Hope Island Follow us on facebook for more details!