Why I have had to change the way I view and action movement.


Sometimes you get some news that really kicks you to the curb and you start to look at everything in your life differently.

Ever had that happen?

About 6months ago I received a diagnosis that I was ready for. A diagnosis that finally answered so many unanswered questions.
I have always had “women’s issues” even from the first time I started menstruating.

As I aged and had children my “womens issues” worsened. Doctor after doctor told me it was all NORMAL and to eat some more red meat because my iron levels were too low, or that I was just a busy mum and busy mums are tired. Even when I pointed out I was losing copious amounts of blood and clots each month (sorry TMI), my hair was falling out in clumps and I was gaining weight for no known reason amongst other symptoms.

No one seemed to take me seriously. No-one. I was left in a sea of fear, wonder and so many unanswered questions on MY BODY. This is MY BODY and I know it well so why were they not listening?
I have little faith in doctors due to the fact that my mother was put through the absolute wringer before she was diagnosed with a rare cancer at the age of 39. By then the cancer was the size of an orange and they could not do anything about it except manage her pain. This history triggered me with my own situation and I wanted ANSWERS. I wanted them NOW.

Life went on for a few more years as I tried to find answers away from conventional medicine. Unfortunately nothing turned up.
2 year ago my symptoms started to worsen. To the point where I could do nothing but lock myself in the house for a few days until the bleeding stopped.

Fear, it has some pretty life changing psychological implications. 

May last year, I again went to a different doctor to get some bloods done for routine thyroid tests as it is hereditary and this doctor told me, again that my iron levels were not normal. I told her that it is normal for me. She asked me about my menstral cycle and put me on iron tablets. Told me to do a retest at 3 months.

I did as required and after 3 months went back to find my iron levels had dropped even further. She ordered an ultrasound of my uterus.
Once I had this done I went back to get the results.
She told me I had Adenomyosis, the sister to Endometriosis except the tissue grows inside the uterine muscle wall.


I don’t think anyone could of been more happy to hear a disease diagnosed as much as me!!! I wanted to kiss my doctor.

What happens now?

From here she did the paperwork to get the ball rolling for an Endometrial Ablation where they lazer the lining of the uterus wall to (hopefully) stop or significantly reduce the bleeding.
So I waited. I had a visit to the hospital to meet the specialist and surgeon first. After examination and going through all the options she decided it was best for me to have the ablation as well as a D & C (clear out of the lining) and take a biopsy of any findings. She also suggested I have a Mirena implanted but I flatly refused as I have tried many different hormonal replacements over the years and they do not react well with my body. It is MY BODY and I have the right to say yes or no.

That surgery day finally come April 27th 2018. I had never had any form of surgery before except birthing my 2 children so I was exceptionally nervous and anxious.

All went well and the biopsies came back as normal (sigh of relief). I have had some interesting findings which they investigated while I was under.

1. I had to have another procedure first called an Endometrial Resection where they remove the lining with a wire loop as it seems I have a condition called Endometrial Hyperplasia where the lining is exceptionally thick.
2. I have a uterus that is almost double in size compared to normal.
3. I have a moderate grade bladder and bowel prolapse.

The irony of the above is when I started to study and then teach pelvic floor exercise I had no clue that I was living with the condition that many of my clients live with too.
Luckily for me I am relatively symptom free and I do have a pelvic floor that is strong and in good order.
This last finding really took me by surprise though. Like it really kicked me to the curb surprised.

You see when I work with women with Pelvic Dysfunction I am always telling them we need to find them a NEW NORMAL. A new base to start and build on. A different way of looking at their body and the way they move, the way they care and love this amazing machine they live in.

Little did I know, I am now at the cross roads of creating my new normal. I have awareness now.
Knowledge of my condition is power. I have to find a happy place with my weight training and other exercises and I will have to start from scratch.

For me this is a no brainer, I am professionally trained and know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Are you informed about your body?

For women out there who have little knowledge, little understanding of what is NORMAL or what is NOT NORMAL, can get thrown around like a ping pong ball with no answers and just sink into a sea of utter despair and shit.

I know you, I see you and I hear you. I want to help you navigate this minefield of “women’s issues” with curiosity, with empathy and with love.
I want to see you get the answers you deserve and to live the life you want to live.

Your new normal.

If you would like to be able to move and perform the daily tasks without fear or concern then check out my online Focus on Core course here 

This course has been life changing for my clients.

Rachelle x
Coaching Women to Step off the Sidelines and Lean into Life



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Rachelle is a Women’s Health and Performance Coach who helps women step off the sidelines of life into movement that matters. She takes one of a holistic approach to women’s health with a philosophy of body positivity.
She works closely with women who are nervous newbies to exercise or women with injuries and/or pelvic dysfunction integrate back into fitness their way, finding their new normal.
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