If these walls could talk

They would tell you how hard my clients work

They would tell you how many tears have been shed from fear, desperation, love, anxiety and joy

They would tell you how often we laugh and how crazy we sometimes get

They would tell you to sometimes cover your ears and eyes at the inappropriateness of some mouths/body movements that have been spoken/made but always in fun

They have seen women move with joy, with pain and with determination

They have seen women rejoice at something they can do for the very first time

They have seen women drag themselves in here even when dead tired and sore because they fear they will miss out and don’t want to let anyone down

They have seen complete and utter sadness from some secret life stories and they have seen the absolute opposite as clients reveal their joy of engagements, marriages and babies

They have seen and heard life’s successes and life’s failures, heartbreaks and knockdowns

They hear so many of life’s stories and each one is unique, each one is different and each one is listened to and stored away within the walls.

If these walls could talk they would tell you that you are all amazing, strong and determined women who are loved and cherished and who should tell themselves how amazing they each are as they would each other.

These walls are here as a safe place for you and your deepest fears, hopes and dreams without any judgement

We are all different but we are all one in the same. We are all here within these walls to become stronger, fitter, feel great inside and out and lift each other up. We are all here for positive connections and a sense of belonging to likeminded others

These walls are so grateful for what each and everyone of you who walk in bring to them

Rachelle x 2013-12-31 15.05.33 (ps how  much have these walls changed since this picture)

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