It’s a funny word. I know we all go through life with intention to DO and if you are like me you write lists for what you intend to achieve for the day/week/month.

But what about intentions to BE?
Ok, you are probably thinking man, she has lost the plot now, really she has! However, just hear me out a little.


I have over the last 6 months been practicing the art of BEING. I can tell you for this type A personality it has been bloody tough. I am not going to sugar coat it and tell you I have been drifting in and out of blissful awareness and beautiful energy flows. No WAY. It has been quite the opposite. However I have learnt quite a few things about intentions, just being and doing and the differences of both.

1. To be or not to be
The art of being is a strange phenomenon whereby you allow yourself the space and freedom to sit within yourself. I am still mastering this art however I now understand that time to just BE without any form of DO is exceptionally beneficial to my mind, body and life.

2. To do or not to do
We are all busy and striving to get shit done, constantly. We wear busy as a badge of honour. I have learnt that being busy is far less than productive and there is a massive difference between the two.

3. Managing your energy
Rather than managing my time, I now manage my energy. Say what? Yes, you read that correctly. I manage my energy. How?
I have discovered that if I set my intentions for each day every morning I am better equipped to get more done throughout the day.
So my intention for today might look something like this.

Today I am going to make all the classes I instruct fun and engaging. We will laugh a lot and enjoy the session. In my downtime between 1-2pm I will enjoy 5min of mindfulness/meditation and a nap.

Can you see how this planned intention would pan out over the day?

What I have found is that whatever I set my intention for each day, it actually happens. I have fun in my classes and my emotions/energy is managed better because of it.

Obviously there is more involved like your hormonal levels and cycles through the month which I teach my clients to hone in on and respect but this hopefully gives you a little overview of how I am setting my intentions and managing my daily energy better and I hope you can put some of this into practice too. Again, it takes practice and perseverance like all good things. The pay off is huge as I am now discovering within my own life.

Rachelle x

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