Do you move?

Do you mindfully move?

Or are you unsure of what to do but know you can’t jump around?

If you are sound in body but exercise makes you think of crazy burpee jumping people and you could not possibly do that, i want you to stop and take a rethink on it. No i don’t mean the crazy jumping or burpees.

I mean the mindful movement that it takes to build strength and fitness.

The movement that makes you feel amazing and powerful.

The movement that is magic and sings to your soul. THAT is the movement i want you to be doing and THAT is the movement i can help you create.

OR do you ever think to yourself “I couldn’t possibly exercise because of my bad back, hip, shoulder or other nominated body part?”

Let me tell you a little story about Cindie. She has covered it in her words below, however i want to say this:

If you are full of injuries (I am putting my hand up here too because i am also full of injuries) and you think you can’t move, well it is quite possible that You CAN move, yes you may need a bit of a hand to work out the HOW but it is VERY possible if that is what you are wanting to do.

This beautiful and vibrant women walked in to me for her very first coaching session with a walking stick. Every time i see her in private coaching sessions or class i have to blink and double blink at the way she now moves, freely, beautifully and she is so much happier and stronger.

*Update since this story. Cindie has been pain free for over a month now with NO lower back pain and NO knee pain. She is gaining strength and fitness every week and i am SO proud of her!  Thanks Cindie for sharing your story.
Read below for what she has to say:

In 2015, I had Emergency spinal surgery. I had a prolapsed disc in my lower back and it pressed on a nerve and I lost the ability to use my right leg. Before any major damage, I had it repaired. My surgeon made me promise to join a gym to lose weight.
I started with yoga and Pilates, however, I’m not ok being left to do poses and do them incorrectly and injure myself further. So, I stopped.
Fast forward 2 years.
I was on FB and saw a “Mee Active” Post, & messaged Rachelle a little bit about myself (I’ll bet she wishes, that “little bit” was all that was wrong with me!!!)
I went for my session to meet and greet, and, it was decided a PT session to see what I could/couldn’t do was needed.
(So, my left ankle which pops out when putting shoes on puts strain on my right knee which I had reconstructed in 2010 which puts stress on my lower back that I had operated on just 2 years prior!!!) AND… I don’t like to sweat.
I was put on the treadmill and I was lucky to be on a speed of 3. My knee clicked, I puffed like a pack-a-day smoker. I had to hold on.
I couldn’t bend down and touch my knees.
I couldn’t kneel on the floor.
I couldn’t get up from the floor without grunting and groaning and without the aide of the bar.
The night before my real first PT session, I climbed into bed… and popped my reconstructed knee. I was determined to turn up and do my session… albeit using a walking stick and with my knee in a brace (thigh to calf).
Rachelle was the first person I called (before my husband, Doctor and boss). Rachelle worked with me. She helped me strengthen my knee and toss the brace. (Doctor said another surgery was required!)
This was September 2017.
Last night, I did my second MEE REBEL class. I’m not awesome at it, but I enjoyed it… even through the sweat.
I can kneel to do Cat pose. I walk at a 6 on the treadmill, and if my gossip is good, I can bump that up to 6.3!
I can squat.
I can bend down and touch the floor with my palms.
I don’t like the bike. I’m not a fan, so I’m not even asked to get on it anymore. (The whinging is not worth the pain.)
I lift weights.
I breathe better and I’m more conscious of my breath. How my breath helps me do things.
I’m incredibly uncoordinated, but, when my brain engages and my body reacts, I CAN DO. And, if I hadn’t met Rachelle at Mee Active, I would definitely have injured myself time and again and been the couch potato that I was happy being because I was safe there.

Want to understand how movement can fit into your individual and daily life without crazy workout plans that comprise of a thousand sit ups and 5 million pushups?

Contact me to find out how I can help you or check out our online program designed to help you increase fitness and strength with moderation and variations for your body



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