This girl

This is the same girl, 16years difference but the same body and mind

The girl 16yr ago did not know how strong or capable she was

The girl  hated having her picture taken

The girl spoke negatively of her self image

The girl  used food to dull her thoughts

The girl  was often sad

The girl felt sore everyday

The girl was in the grips of post natal depression but had no clue

The girl  is the same beautiful, caring, compassionate and friendly girl as on the right.


The girl right now started a journey of self discovery 13 years ago

The girl  decided she had to make some changes to her lifestyle

The girl  did not always make the correct choices in her pursuit

The girl  tried many different things, many different ways

The girl  came up against a lot of obstacles

The girl  found out a lot about herself, good and not so good

The girl  is strong and fit

The girl  gives herself compassion


Both the 16yr ago and the now girl are exactly the same girl.


This girl never considered giving up

This girl went through a lot of self discovery

This girl fought hard

This girl has changed on the outside but more on the inside that anyone would ever know

This girl is worth every second of that time and effort

This girl is the same girl in every way she just decided she was worth it


YOU are worth it.



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