We are so much more than our bodies.
We are so much more than our appearance. I often will tell clients your body/appearance is the least exciting thing about you.
My philosophy is one of body love/positivity. Now I’m not saying this comes easy. This is personally something that has taken me MANY years of work. So how did i get to where i am now?
Well to be honest i have great days and i have shitty days and i work on my mindset every.single.day.
Some of the  common words/sentences that i daily practice/use are;
You are worthy.

Your body is an amazing machine that works hard for you every.single.day.

Be kind to yourself.

You are uniquely you!

Nourish your body with foods you love and enjoy.

You are a kind and caring person.

Fake it till you make it if you have to. Say those things to yourself as often as you think something negative about yourself. Just keep saying them. A mindset shift will start to happen and it all starts with you tuning in and listening to your internal dialogue. Trying to find validity from others, social media or the like will have you miserable and at the same spot you started. You have the power to change your mindset and the words you tell yourself. Start with you and like i said yesterday in my facebook live post unfollow, unfriend or whatever you have to do with social media accounts that make you feel crap or inadequate.

A fb ad landed on my news feeds the other day which had my blood boiling.

I have decided after much thought not to show the screenshot of the ad as the purpose of my post is to bring awareness to all mums out there that you are amazing and the need to obtain what society says is the perfect body is utter crap.

Here is an idea of what said Ad was like;

Picture white, thin woman in bikini top with the caption “I am a mother of twins, this body is achievable” Then something about a peachy body program.

This is my thoughts on that;

Good for you being a mother of twins!
There are millions of mothers out there in the day to day trenches of life.
I am pretty sure they have their own unique body shape and size.
I am pretty sure they are very busy being mums, carers, partners and friend to many.
I am pretty sure they are sick and tired  of advertising telling them they are not worthy, not sexy enough, not pretty enough or not thin enough.
How about asking them what they want?
How about finding out about them and their busy lives and how you can help them as a coach?
How about letting them know that how they look has nothing to do with self love/worth/esteem?
How about letting them know that they are amazing mums and doing a great job right now in this moment?
How about helping them move in a way that feels awesome to THEM in an environment that builds them up, not tears them down?
How about talking to them about real life daily mum struggles, dreams, hopes and fears?
Show some empathy and authenticity for your prospective clients.

Fitness is not a look.
Fitness is something that should be enjoyable and fun
Fitness should match and  gently challenge your ability right at this moment in time
Fitness should make you feel great
Fitness is achievable for everyBODY
Do you want to feel fit and amazing right now? It is achievable! We have helped hundreds of women ditch the idealism of the fitness look, learn what their bodies are capable of and they are all doing amazing things they never first thought possible. But best of all they are enjoying their lives much more fullfilled, free and HAPPY.

Rachelle x
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