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Of late I have been having epiphanies about life, love, friendship and health and what it all means to me. Maybe its because I’m 41years young and its time for some more life lessons. Or maybe its because I’m growing older and wiser as the saying goes? Ha!

A client announced to me in her first email before we had even met that she was over being the fastest, fittest, strongest, she was over competing to be the best and just wanted to be strong, fit and healthy. This got me thinking! I realized she was 100% correct. Being a competitive person this is not an easy habit to break free from. Why though do we feel the need to be the fastest, fittest or the one who can lift the most in the gym? Are we doing to it gloat? For self-satisfaction? To “show them”? Yes I believe to an extent we probably are. When I say we I am talking about me and I’m sure some of you over competitive people out there are nodding your head in agreeance!

I have always strived to be the best at anything I put my mind too. In my professional career, as a mother, wife, friend and in the gym. Lets for this blog concentrate on the training side of things. It’s something that I need to prove to myself that I can do. But while “proving “ this to myself I got lost in it. I got lost in a world of got to get out there and lift more, run faster, beat that other person. I am now questioning why? What actually does this prove? I will tell you what it proves, it proves a massive headache and heartache for me when I realize I cannot physically achieve what I want to achieve. Now that’s not saying I can’t lift heavy weights, I can, I am strong and I am strong enough. Probably not stronger than Joe at the gym or faster than Fred on the treadmill but I am ME, I am fit and healthy, a good person and I have achieved many wonderful things in this life. So why beat myself up about being the best? I cant answer the why but I have decided I am not going to worry about being the strongest, the fastest or fittest anymore. I will run my own race, I will enter every training session with a full energy and passion for what I am about to do and I will not concern myself with Barry or George and I will be HAPPY with what I have done. I am not a size 0, nor do I want to be. Sometimes we need to take a step back from what we are doing and take a reality check on the “whys” of it all.

It is not the be all and end all to be the fastest, fittest and strongest. It is however the be all and end all to be happy, healthy and enjoy the life you have while you have it. After all life is so precious and so short. If you strive for a balanced approach to a healthy lifestyle then you are ahead of the game.


MEE Personal Training and Health Coach

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